GCF works to end the cycle of poverty and raise the standard of living by fostering community development, promoting income generating projects, and providing educational support in partnering with communities in Southeast India and throughout the world

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Charitable Projects In Progress
Our projects are located in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, Southeast India.
Nursing Scholarships


GCF grants 40 nursing scholarships each year to women from poor families, who would not be educated without asistance from GCF. After graduation, the majority of these women are employed in well paying jobs. They are able to support themselves and their families, while also paying for the education for younger family members. Our graduates join the GCF Alumni Association which follows them throughout their careers and encourages them to give back to GCF. 

Tailoring Schools


GCF sponsors seven tailoring schools. Following a six month training, GCF assists graduates in purchasing their own sewing machine. With their new tailoring skills, women gain a home business that generates income for the entire family. One half of the sewing machine costs are repaid to GCF by the tailors and is then used to purchase more sewing machines. GCF has over 300 graduates from our tailoring schools. The majority of graduates use their incomes to pay for the education of their children.

Community Water Projects


GCF has drilled 10 water wells every year since our beginning in 2008.  Water well support offers a clean water supply to remote villages that otherwise do not have local water. The wells provide clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing.In this program, each village organizes a water committee that provides long-term maintenance and support for the much needed wells. GCF is now investing in overhead water tank systems, to offer communities a greater degree of consistency and control over their water.

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Adivasi Development Program


The Adivasi are tribes of people who are considered the original people of India. There are many tribes classified as Adivasi. Many Adivasi tribes have lived the same way for thousands of years and are being left behind in the modernization of India. GCF is working with an Adivasi group that has moved into the city in the slums. The many Adivasi children in this group do not attend school after 5th grade and are married very young; it is typical to find teenage girls with multiple children. GCF is newly working with this group to encourage their education to challenge the cycle of poverty by attending our new Adivasi School, which provides education, clothing, food and a clean environment for young people to learn skills they need to better adapt in India as it modernizes. 

Abandoned Seniors Program


Traditional Indian families live in multi-generational homes, and seniors traditionally have been cared for by the younger generations. As India modernizes and people move away from their villages, many seniors are left abandoned or "orphaned" as they are referred to. These elderly and fragile people have no one to care for them and there is a lack of government programs to serve their needs. On a monthly basis, GCF offers a food distribution to seniors in our communities, in an effort to curb the risks associated with hunger.

Hearts and Hands, Working Together
Fr. Alphonse Gollapalli
Executive Director - United States and India
Monica Smith Griffin
Board President
Oklahoma City, OK
United States
Mary Pushpa
Program Administrator - Oversees all projects and programs on the ground in India.
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